"Tappy" Tool for Calculating Smartphone Tap Operation Success Rate Now Released

January 31, 2024

We have launched "Tappy" a new lab app that analyzes the size of buttons, links, etc., on smartphone web pages and displays the success rate of tap operations. By merely inputting a URL, users can readily see the success rate of tap-able elements included on the specific page. Currently, the tool is only compatible with iOS devices where the screen resolution is known.

Tappy :

The tap success rate uses the results of user experiments conducted by the Yahoo! JAPAN Research (now LY Research). We implemented a user experimental site for tapping buttons of various sizes, collected smartphone user operation logs from Yahoo! Crowdsourcing, and modeled how tap coordinates would distribute when an average user selected buttons of a certain size hundreds of times, based on operation log data from a wide age range of crowdworkers, from teenagers to those in their 80s. We then estimated the success rate.

We hope that Tappy will be of help in developing web pages for smartphones.

For more details about the method of estimating the success rate, please visit the Yahoo! JAPAN Tech Blog. page)

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