WORKSHOP (INTERNATIONAL) Semantics of Query Rewriting Patterns in Search Logs

Sumio Fujita, Georges Dupret(Yahoo! Labs), Ricardo Baeza-Yates(Yahoo! Research)

ESAIR'12: Fifth International Workshop on Exploiting Semantic Annotations in Information Retrieval

January 01, 2012

Examining past query reformulations of users in the logs of a search engine shows that not only query rewriting that precises the focus of a query but also queries expressing some topical shift from the original query can help users in their search activities. We examine three methods to explore query rewriting patterns, namely co-click based, co-topic based and co-session based methods. Each method has its own semantic characteristic: the co-click based and the co-topic based methods typically exploit specialization patterns with different granularity whereas the co-session based method is able to extract topic shift patterns. We show the different semantic relations of extracted query pairs by using large scale web annotations for Japanese web pages.

PDF : Semantics of Query Rewriting Patterns in Search Logs