CONFERENCE (INTERNATIONAL) Doughnut Crumbs:Visual Navigation for Data Hierarchies

Teruhiko Teraoka

International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI2010)

May 01, 2010

Efficient hierarchy navigation is essential in information sys- tems. Various techniques have been developed in research on user interfaces and information visualization. However, a universally accepted technique has not been developed yet for navigating large hierarchies. Doughnut crumbs is a new technique for visual navigation of hierarchies. It displays a hierarchy as a series of nested layers, each one represented by an oval or a rectangle. A hidden layer is used to visu- alize a large hierarchy on a screen where the display size is limited. In the Doughnut crumbs interface, a hierarchy is visualized as layers nested concentrically or eccentrically.

PDF : Doughnut Crumbs:Visual Navigation for Data Hierarchies