CONFERENCE (DOMESTIC) 株価掲示板データを用いたファイナンス用ポジネガ辞書の生成

坪内 孝太, 山下 達雄

2014年度人工知能学会全国大会(第28回) (JSAI2014)

May 01, 2014

Judging contents of tweets and blog diary whether positive or negative is useful for successful equity investment. In order for computer to judge such contents automatically, the accurate dictionary speci ed in nance is important. However, creating the speci ed dictionary is needed special knowledge for nance, and maintaining the dictionary by manual is so troublesome. This paper propose the way of creating the dictionary from the stock bulletin board data automatically. Actual test shows that valid dictionary for judging positive and negative is produced.

PDF : 株価掲示板データを用いたファイナンス用ポジネガ辞書の生成