CONFERENCE (INTERNATIONAL) Frame-level label refinement for skeleton-based weakly-supervised action recognition

Qing Yu (The University of Tokyo), Kent Fujiwara

The 37th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2023)

February 07, 2023

In recent years, skeleton-based action recognition has achieved remarkable performance in understanding human motion from sequences of skeleton data, which is an important medium for synthesizing realistic human movement in various applications. However, existing methods assume that each action clip is manually trimmed to contain one specific action, which requires a significant amount of effort for annotation. To solve this problem, we consider a novel problem of skeleton-based weakly-supervised temporal action localization (S-WTAL), where we need to recognize and localize human action segments in untrimmed skeleton videos given only the video-level labels. Although this task is challenging due to the sparsity of skeleton data and the lack of contextual clues from interaction with other objects and the environment, we present a frame-level label refinement framework based on a spatio-temporal graph convolutional network (ST-GCN) to overcome these difficulties. We use multiple instance learning (MIL) with video-level labels to generate the frame-level predictions. Inspired by advances in handling the noisy label problem, we introduce a label cleaning strategy of the frame-level pseudo labels to guide the learning process. The network parameters and the frame-level predictions are alternately updated to obtain the final results. We extensively evaluate the effectiveness of our learning approach on skeleton-based action recognition benchmarks. The state-of-the-art experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method can recognize and localize action segments of the skeleton data.

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