カンファレンス (国際) Frequency-aware GAN for Adversarial Manipulation Generation

Peifei Zhu, Genki Osada, Hirokatsu Kataoka (LINE / AIST), Tsubasa Takahashi

2023 International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2023)


We design an Adversarial Manipulation Generation (AMG) task to explore the vulnerability of image manipulation detectors. We first propose an optimal loss function and extend existing attacks to generate adversarial examples. We observe that existing spatial attacks cause large degradation in image quality and find the loss of high-frequency detailed components might be its major reason. Inspired by this observation, we propose a novel adversarial attack that incorporates both spatial and frequency features into the GAN architecture to generate adversarial examples. We further design an encoder-decoder architecture with skip connections of high-frequency components to preserve fine details. We evaluated our method on three image manipulation detectors (FCN, ManTra-Net and MVSS-Net) with three benchmark datasets (DEFACTO, CASIAv2 and COVER). Experiments show that our method generates adversarial examples significantly fast (0.01s per image), preserves better image quality (PSNR 30\% higher than spatial attacks), and achieves a high attack success rate. We also observe that the examples generated by AMG can fool both classification and segmentation models, which indicates better transferability among different tasks.