CHI 2024に論文が4本採択されました


以下の論文がThe ACM CHI conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2024) (外部サイト) で採択されました。

FoodSkin: Fabricating Edible Gold Leaf Circuits on Food Surfaces
Kunihiro Kato* (Tokyo University of Technology), Kaori Ikematsu*, Hinako Suzaki (Ochanomizu University), Hiromi Nakamura (The University of Tokyo), Yuki Igarashi (Ochanomizu University)
*co-1st authors

Behavioral Differences between Tap and Swipe: Observations on Time, Error, Touch-point Distribution, and Trajectory for Tap-and-swipe Enabled Targets
Shota Yamanaka, Hiroki Usuba, Junichi Sato

The Effect of Latency on Movement Time in Path-steering
Shota Yamanaka, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger (Simon Fraser University)

Better Definition and Calculation of Throughput and Effective Parameters for Steering to Account for Subjective Speed-accuracy Tradeoffs
Nobuhito Kasahara (Meiji University), Yosuke Oba (Meiji University), Shota Yamanaka, Anil Ufuk Batmaz (Concordia University), Wolfgang Stuerzlinger (Simon Fraser University), Homei Miyashita (Meiji University)