論文誌 (国際) Enhancing human mobility research with open and standardized datasets

Takahiro Yabe (New York University), Massimiliano Luca (Fondazione Bruno Kessler), Kota Tsubouchi, Bruno Lepri (Fondazione Bruno Kessler), Marta C. Gonzalez (University of California), Esteban Moro (Northeastern University)

Nature Computational Science (Nat. Comput. Sci.)


Human mobility research intersects various disciplines, with profound implications for urban planning, transportation engineering, public health, disaster management, and economic analysis. This commentary discusses the urgent need for open and standardized datasets required for investigating various problems and questions in human mobility research. It explores the challenges posed by the lack of standardized data for benchmarking model performance, and provides lessons and examples from other computational science domains. Finally, we introduce multiple approaches to alleviate this challenge, including the organization of data challenges and development of new open datasets, and proposes collaborative efforts to enhance the validity and reproducibility of human mobility research.

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